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High school ethics class syllabus

Syllabus. STAT:1010 STATISTICS AND SOCIETY (3 s.h.) Statistical ideas and their relevance to public policy, business, humanities, and the social, health, and physical sciences; focus on critical approach to statistical evidence. GE: quantitative or formal reasoning. Requirement: one year of high school algebra or MATH:0100.

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Day . Date . Coverage & Assignments . M. Aug. 23 . Welcome, Syllabus, Course Overview, THE SCIENCE AND ART OF LEARNIG AND MASTERING THE LAW M. Aug. 30 . Chapter 1, Introduction to Law and Chapter 2, Our Constitution M. Sept. 6. HAPPIEST LABOR DAY!!! M. Sept. 13. Chapter 3, The Court System and Chapter 4, The Attorney-Client Relationship and Dispute Resolution, Courthouse Visit.

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COURSE SYLLABUS Instructor: David Stanfield, Assistant Professor Office Location: Education North Virtual Office Hours: Tuesday - 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment Office Phone: 214-213-3256 Office Fax: 903-886-5507 University Email Address: [email protected] COURSE INFORMATION American Psychological Association. (2001).

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• Grading Scale Undergraduate Courses A 92-100 A- 90-91 B+ 88-89 B 82-87 B- 80-81 C+ 78-79 C 70-77 70 is minimal passing grade D 60-69 F < 60 • Laboratory Evaluation Laboratory experiences will be evaluated based on.

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Use mini-lessons. If there’s not room in your syllabus for a case study, you can incorporate ethics in your class by making it part of the material you already teach. “As you go over a homework problem, instead of just going over what’s there, you add an extra 30 seconds to 60 seconds on ethics,” Dexter said.

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High School Bioethics Curriculum Project News Archive This project is supported by a generous grant from the Greenwall Foundation and by an anonymous gift to Georgetown University..

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